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Happiness is a place called Charlottesville

Big enough to be lively, small enough to be a refuge from the sometimes insane pace of modern American life, Charlottesville has been described as the kind of town that people have in their mind’s eye when they think about where they’d like to live, People from the north think of it as the south, southerners perceive it to be a northern city, country folks think of it as the city, and people from the city imagine it as the country. It has something to offer almost everyone.

Of course, suggesting as the title to this page does that “Happiness is a place called Charlottesville” is a big claim, but don’t pin it on us: that’s the headline of a story that ran a few years ago in the British publication, The Guardian.  As he wandered through town, the writer commented on the sense of community, the generally easygoing, liberal values, the world-class University of Virginia, the temperate climate, comprehensive public health facilities, great food, good music, and other sophisticated cultural resources that combine to that make it ideal for happy living. If there’s one place in the US that has more or less everything going for it, he concluded that Charlottesville is it.

“It’s small, and it’s surrounded by beautiful country, but it has all the things you’d want from a big city,” says Donnie Glass, chef at a leading restaurant, Public Fish & Oyster.

Of course, The Guardian was not the first or the last to come to this conclusion. Below, you’ll find a sampling of accolades that other magazines and websites have bestowed on Charlottesville. Where else can you find a city recommended to entrepreneurs, hipsters, students, retirees, foodies, medical professionals, history buffs, vacationers and families. Get to know Charlottesville, and you’ll come to understand how special and unique it really is, and then let us help you find your place in this amazing little city.